Readers' Comments:

From Jim in Hillsborough, North Carolina:
"Hi Bill, I received my book last night. I just wanted to tell you that I think you have made a wonderful book. I am 53 and I am on my 3rd Martin kit. This book is already filling in some pieces of missing information for me and I will read it thoroughly and refer to it often. Thanks!"

From Dan in Morgan Hill, California:

"Bill, I got your book yesterday. Wow what a great read! book is just what is needed for me considering my first build. I just cant put it down. Thank you and well done."

From Louis in Ontario, Canada:
"Hey Bill-- I got the book thanks so much for sending it. Thanks a million don't think I will be able to put it down till I finish it. Good luck with the books eh!"


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The photo below shows a handful of the many kit guitars
built by members of They are
profiled in the book. Every builder of these guitars will
tell you: The guitar you build yourself is special!

Bill Cory's writing and photography have appeared in numerous national magazines, including Acoustic Guitar, Woodcraft, Petersen's PhotoGraphic, The Rangefinder, Photo Lab Management, Mexico's West Coast, Four-Wheeler, Babytalk, Westways, and others. This is his third book. His latest book is an illustrated building manual for Martin-style guitar kits; now available through this website.

The Spiral Binding shown above is available through this link: Bill's Author Page on




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Complete Guide to
Building Kit Acoustic Guitars
(eBook Edition)

by Bill Cory. eBook 2nd Edition (August, 2017). 8.5" x 11", 200 pages, 500+ photos (greyscale), Adobe PDF; $24.95 (Colo residents charged 3% tax)

(For the Original PRINT Edition, please click here.)

You want to build a guitar ... You've checked the suppliers' websites ... they don't help much in comparing the kits ... not enough objective information.

What you need is a non-biased review of them, right? Okay. Here it is. In just one of the 15 chapters in this comprehensive book (updated 2017), the major kits are reviewed and compared in detail by a guy who has built all of them. Twenty, in fact.

With 500 photos of these kits in process and completed, and clear, easy-to-read writing, this book takes all the mystery out of kits, and explains how building a kit is — and isn't — like building from "scratch." A kit can cost several hundred dollars, and tools a couple hundred more; but the satisfaction of building and playing that special guitar — priceless.

When he strung up his first guitar, the author was totally hooked! Twenty more kits of different types have been built since them. And, how do they sound? Bill says: "I am constantly gratified by their resonance and sustain and the richness of their tone. It is a lot more fulfilling than just buying a new guitar!" The enjoyment of building kits motivated the author to start the world's only discussion group for kit builders (, now owned by John Hall of, and to write these books to help others get started and complete their first few kits successfully.

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