Complete Guide To Building Kit Acoustic Guitars

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"It's a must have for anyone who builds his first or second kit. Leads you through the process of choosing and buying a kit. It describes perfectly what you will encounter when building a kit in case you don't have experience, a shop or tools. (although its not building manual, ... ) Especially for those who are about to buy their first kit: Read this book first!! It will help you to make the right choices. Thanks, Herman."

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Stewmac 000#2

Stewmac 000#1

Stewmac Dread, Martin Jumbo, and
Stewmac 000#1

Martin 000#1


Remember the thrill when you really get to play a new acoustic guitar for the first time? It's an even bigger thrill when you built it yourself!

Building an acoustic guitar from a quality kit is not as difficult as many people think. It's detailed, but not overly difficult. If you can follow instructions, you can build a nice guitar from a quality kit. (Click the link on this home page to hear Wayne Henderson playing and complimenting my Stewmac dread kit.

Kits are available in just about any guitar body style you want, including 0, 00, 000, Jumbos, Ditsons, dreadnoughts, OM, 6-strings and 12-strings. You can get a kit with the choicest of woods, and if your skills are up to it, build your personal "Holy Grail" guitar with that kit!

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Martin Kit 000#1

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Complete Guide To Building Kit Acoustic Guitars

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Building Martin-style Acoustic Kits
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Other excellent books are available on, such as this one: The Luthier's Handbook: A Guide to Building Great Tone in Acoustic Stringed Instruments

and this one: Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar: Complete Instructions and Full-Size Plans.

Those are both about building from scratch (not from a kit) but they provide great information.

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