Just Revised ...New Ebook Version
The Only Detailed Construction Manual
for C.F. Martin and Martin-style
Acoustic Guitar Kits


Shown here with a pre-CITES Brazilian rosewood and
California Coastal Redwood body, the manual provides
illustrated detail on every step in the Martin-style kit building process.

Bill Cory's writing and photography have appeared in numerous national magazines, including Acoustic Guitar, Woodcraft, Petersen's PhotoGraphic, The Rangefinder, Photo Lab Management, Mexico's West Coast, Four-Wheeler, Babytalk, Westways, and others. This is his fourth book.

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Building Martin-style Acoustic Guitar Kits

by Bill Cory. Published August, 2017. 8.5" x 11", 168 pages, 500+ photos (greyscale), color covers.

C.F. Martin & Co, Inc. -- "America's Guitar Company." -- makes acoustic guitars loved by millions. Martin also produces acoustic guitar kits -- excellent kits with good materials!

But ... the booklet included with the kit simply isn't adequate.

If you are building a Martin-style kit, you will need a better set of instructions than Martin provides. This new construction guide fulfills that need.

With over 500 photos, in 168 pages of detailed step-by-step instructions (and now, incorporating the 60-page Builder's Journal) this easy-to-read manual covers everything from unpacking the kit to setting up the guitar's action, including tools and supplies.

The author has spent twelve years building twenty kits, including four Martin kits, to research the differences between Martin's kits and those from Stewmac and LMI. His fourth Martin-style kit build is completely detailed in this book -- the only published construction manual dedicated to Martin-style acoustic guitar kits. (Kits, like guitars from the factories, are different. Using one company's instructions for another company's kits can cause problems because of differences in design geometries.)

Above is the 000 guitar kit built for the book. Indian Rosewood & Sitka.
sounds fantastic. If you would like to hear it, click here.

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