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I hope these sites can continue to be helpful to all who visit. In the years to come, I'm hoping and planning for them to contain a wealth of info for the novice guitar builder. In my efforts to create and maintain these sites, I've built the kits I comment on, and none has been donated by kit providers. Therefore, it has taken considerable time ... and money ... to build the kits, research them, review them, etc., in order to create these websites, in addition to the cost of the sites themselves.

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Both KitGuitarBuilder.com and KitGuitarForum.com exist to guide people building their first or later kits, to generate interest in building acoustic guitars from quality kits, to help builders move from kits to “custom” by shortening their learning time, and to help them along the way by recommending quality suppliers, parts, tools, and materials.

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Shown here ... Stewmac 000 Rosewood/Cedar,"my first" .... and Martin 000, "my most recent" (#13)
(The book shown beside the Martin is available at www.KitGuitarManuals.com)