If You Don't Keep A Record,
You Can't Repeat Your Successes!


Each Step Includes A List Of
Suggested Tools Needed - Helpful
For Beginners!

For Scratch and Kit
Guitar Builders

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All The Top Pros Tell Us:
Take Notes! Keep A Record!
Now... Finally ...
There's an Easy Way To Do It!
This 32-page Adobe PDF will be emailed to you within one day after your purchase.
Print it on your own printer,
or send it to Kinkos or Copy It or
any other PhotoCopying shop.
Have it printed and bound
there for about $5,
or just have it printed, and
use it in a loose-leaf notebook.
Preserve New Ideas ...
Avoid Repeating Errors...
Remember Important Measurements!
When I started building, I didn't keep notes. Who knew? Later on, when I needed to know something about the guitars I'd built, I was out of luck unless it was on the outside of the guitar!
How wide were my braces?
How deep were the tone bars scalloped?
How thick were the sides?
How thick was the top? the back?
Without this information, how could I possibly repeat a success? How could I
avoid making a mistake I'd forgotten?
I am a guitar builder, and I can guarantee that this journal will pay for itself many times over, in time saved, and in mistakes avoided.
Fill in the spaces of a new journal for every guitar you build: It's a small amount of money compared to the guitar itself, even if you pay $5 to a copy shop to have it printed and bound.
This is the easiest way to keep a complete record of what you do. Purchase it once and use it for life!
(I hate having to say this, but there are some people who just don't know ...

This is a Copyrighted (©) publication. I created it and I am the only one who can legally sell it or give it away to others.

You may legally use it for as long as you live by printing new copies -- for yourself. But if you give it away to others, you are stealing right out of my pocket. I wouldn't appreciate that at all, so I ask you not to do it.)


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Don't Make A Guitar Without It!


Building A Guitar?

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Some Essential Tools For Guitarmaking


On the cover (which you can print in grayscale if you want) You
Can Record Information about the basic design of the guitar.

Each Step, where needed, gives Tool Tips.


The CONTENTS lists over 80 separate steps in the
construction of a guitar, divided into basic subsections.

All but the cover is in black and white; saves you INK!

If you don't do things in this exact order,
you can still use the Journal's pages to keep records!


Every page is printed on one side only, with plenty
of room for notes on measurements, ideas, etc.
The facing (left) page is blank, so you can make sketches,
write more notes, or paste pictures on the left side.

It's a User-Friendly tool!


In the CONTENTS, steps that apply to ALL acoustic
guitars are included. And those that don't apply to
most kit guitars are in italics in the Contents.

But, every step is included on the NOTES pages.