July 2014
Trust Looks Like Something

June 2014
Word Hungry

March 2014
Living in the Present

February 2014
The Places of 2013

September 2013
Nepal Outreach Trip

July 2013
Mozambique Update #3

June 2013
Mozambique Update #2
Mozambique Update #1

May 2013
Greetings from Africa!

March 2013
The Harvest
Doing A New Thing

January 2013
A Year of Good Things

September 2012
Ecuador: The Jungle and the Beach

August 2012
Ecuador: My Internship Teaching English
Ecuador: Home Stay and Galapagos Islands

February 2012
Ecuador: A Very Short Mission Trip

January 2012
Ecuador: Orientation!
God Never Hurries
Did You Learn To Love?

September 2011
Rising to the Call

August 2011
Salvation & Sanctification

May 2011
The Constant

January 2011
Sing a New Song!

September 2010
God's Love for the Weak

July 2010
Help Me Believe
Back Into It

December 2009
Long Time No See

July 2009
Portfolio Updates

March 2009
Art and Wholeness

February 2009
Frustrating Incidents & Florida

December 2008
Working on the Portfolio

November 2008
A Monumental Month
NaNoWriMo All The Time-O!

October 2008
A Peculiar Thirst
Where You Lead Me

September 2008

August 2008
Breaking the Monotony

June 2008
Summertime Is Here!

May 2008
Prince Caspian Analysis
Some Thoughts on Narnia

April 2008
Prince Caspian Promo

March 2008
Art At Last!
Music I Heart
Layout Launch, Leap, and Lost

January 2008
Inaudible Fireworks

November 2007
I did it!
Oh my.

September 2007
Reflections on Madeleine L'Engle
Jesus and Socrates
A Little Intro

July 2007
Chalky White Pills

May 2007
Summer Soon

March 2007
Movies and Wisdom Teeth

February 2007
Random Fandom
My Thoughts on Valentine's Day
The Last of the Molehicans