How can a thing so minor make me feel so bad?
I don't understand why it makes me sad.
But it is of the world - it is unimportant.
I will lean on the One who is magnificent.

I will sing songs of worship and praise
To the Holy One all of my days.
God is more powerful than anything
And so, it is unto Him that I sing.

God, I will try my best to glorify You.
Lord, everything I do, I do for You!
I am not deserving of Your love,
Even so, You sent Your Son from above.

He died for the world,
And sins unfurled.
I am forgiven now,
And at Your feet I bow.

Little things on Earth
Do not compare to what You're worth.
God, forever You are to be worshipped.
God, forever You should be praised!

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