Two Mountains Far Away

The Two Mountains

Two mountains far away
Barely visible most of the day
Mounds raised high
But so distant, they look
     like anthills
     in the sky
Azure when the sun is at its peak,
Lavender when, at dusk,
     the sun
     seems to leak
Miles and miles from here
Do they really exist?
     No, I fear
Is it possible that, one day,
     I shall reach them?
Climb to their tips and shout,
     “I have conquered these peaks!
     Here I am!”
Is such a far-fetched goal
Even worth thinking attainable?
As the light fades
These mountains disappear
As soon as you may
Overcome your fear
Maybe another day
For these mountains
     Are not near

The Two Mountains Closer Up
(Here are the same mountains closer up.)

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