The beauty of language is something I marvel at. A collection of words, thrown together almost arbitrarily over hundreds of years, can somehow sound beautiful, even musical. And the meanings these words convey have the power to create ideas in our minds, to transform how we think, and thus even to change the very way we live our lives. In my writing, I attempt to harness this power and to express ideas elegantly through the medium of story.

Here are some of my best finished products. You'll only see short stories and poems here, but I am most passionate about writing novels. I have a few novels in progress, but the one I am working on currently is a historical fiction set in ancient Scotland.

My incomplete novels aren't ready to be displayed, but I hope you enjoy what you do find here. Let me know what you think—I really appreciate input from others!

Short Stories & Prose

Journey on Titan / July 8, 2005 / Short Story / Nothing could be seen of any source of the light. It was only the ordinary plains of orange-red sand and dry weeds that had lost life hundreds of years ago, and yet they still remained.

Train Engine / summer 2007 / Short Story / It seemed that the monstrous train was never going to end. Its furious wheels were skidding along the fiery tracks and shooting sparks that flew in spirals and swirls, like arms of fireworks on a dark night, slowly fading into smoke.

Autumn Locus / October 6, 2007 / Description / Trees with cascading branches of draping leaves silently huddled around the pool.

Devil's Advocate / October 20, 2008 / School Project / based on The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis — my own letter from Screwtape to a junior demon, with advice on how to tempt a human away from God and into hell

The Constant / February 22, 2009 / Short Story/Metaphor / The feeling that someone is there weighs me down and presses in on me from every direction. I open my eyes and search for whoever it may be. But I am suddenly aware that it is not a who by any normal sense of the word.

Moonlit Trance / April 1, 2009 / Short Story / Desensitized to the cold of the water and the air after being enveloped by it for so long, I fall into a numb state. It’s nice being numb, unable to feel the ice and the pain, and anesthetized to the hurt that is deeper than my skin.


Forever / February 14, 2004 / Little things on Earth do not compare to what You're worth.

Fly Above / March 29, 2005 / The view’d be so fair away from the ground!

Two Mountains Far Away / April 3, 2005 / So distant, they look like anthills in the sky

Winter Serenity / January 19, 2006 / Snow illuminates the darkest night as if it were in broad daylight.

Grace of These Beings / February 21, 2006 / I watched the boughs of e’ergreen trees above me slowly sway

Nightlight / July 13, 2006 / For me, no noon; Midnight, please

Hear / August 13, 2006 / Can you hear the softly pounding music of the rain?

Rhythm, Melody, Destruction / January 15, 2007 / Chills down your spine, up your arms; Hearing the perfect icy melodies

Without purpose, I am an empty shell / October 23, 2007 / Every now and then my soul flies away from this body

Galaxies / November 3, 2007 / I daydream, see myself in different galaxies